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Com4ort products are designed to be the BEST at:

      - improving COMFORT

      - providing PRESSURE RELIEF


Since GEL is the best padding solution for more than walkers, crutches, canes, and wheelchairs, we offer air boat cushioning, desk chair arms, FLAT GEL pads that can go anywhere, and MORE !!!

Com4ort products make great gifts for friends and family with mobility issues. 

GEL feels better, is easier to clean and does not compress the way sheep skin does.  

Comfort Products are designed to offer the ultimate in COMFORT and PROTECTION to Head, Back, Arm, Elbow, Hand, Leg, Knee, Stump, Heel, Sole, Foot and Seat and come in a variety of configurations and sizes to interface with all major brands of wheelchairs. 


 Comfort Products can AID HEALING existing sores and abrasions. 


You are always FIRST with us.

We are the largest retailer of GEL mobility accessories because people love what our high quality products do for them and those who receive them as gifts. 


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Were you looking for Falcon Gel or FalconGel? 


You have found it !!!  Falcon Gel is the original name for the Gel Ovations product line.  


The VETERANS ADMINISTRATION MEDICAL CENTERS are among the largest users of Gel Ovations products. 


The Gel Ovations product line has been delivering COMFORT benefits since 1999.


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Many customers participate in our FREE and EASY to Use Product Recycling Program that benefits people in need of GEL COMFORT.




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