NEW and UNIQUE.  The Gel Ovations Limit-Less™ line of magnetic self-engaging buckles for belts and harnesses that provide safety, stability & support while allowing users to self-release. 

    Whether in a wheelchair, shower chair, or on the toilet, no one wants to feel insecure, unstable, or unsafe. On the other hand, being restrained in a way that is not possible to self-release doesn’t feel good either.   

    The Limit-Less™ line of magnetic self-engaging buckles for belts & harnesses makes it easier for users to self-release... providing safety, stability & support.


    At Com4ort, retail customers can purchase:
    • the entire Gel Masters line of GEL Wraps
    • everything in the  Gel OvationsTM line

Com4ort Discounts
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Shipping within CONTINENTAL US is only $4.95... no matter how much you order or how much it weighs.  We love to SHIP COMFORT. 

You deserve COMFORT.

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