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“All Medicare would pay for were nasty armpads for my wheelchair.    The price of your gel armpads stopped me cold. 

Honestly, I almost didn't buy them.  Then I thought about shoes.  Would I save money and buy hard, nasty shoes? No Way!  

I couldn’t love them more.  My arms can’t thank you enough.”

                                                                        Scott R 
~   Homewood, FL


"The crutch top cover is very good and we have been glad to have them.
                                     We likely will reorder them again."


                                                Jason S. McVeigh MS, PT, ATC, LAT
Head Athletic Trainer
                                                University of Tennessee
                                                Sports Medicine Department



"I ride my bike for my legs and stomach.  A friend gave me gel covers for my bike handles.  I cannot find words to describe how amazing they are.  They absorb the shock from cracks, holes, and the other bumps in the road.  I can even squeeze them to exercise my fingers. 


When the guys at my bike shop saw them, they wanted to know where I found them !!! I had to ask him and he said they came from your site.  Thank you !!!" 

                                                                             Suzie D  ~  Wellesley, MA                                                          


“I live in a nursing home and use a wheelchair that has elevating legrests. The spot where they open up to raise the leg has been a problem for me as long as I have had them. No matter what I covered or wrapped them in, they still caused me great pain and skin problems – until now.


Upon installing (it was easy for the maintenance man) the gel knee buttons, my troubles are OVER! These are really comfortable and have eliminated all the skin problems.


What a difference.”

                                                                             Doris G.  ~  Tempe, AZ


Editor’s note: Doris used a pair of KBET, which fit all elevating legrests except the Smart Leg elevating, lengthening legrest where the GKPSL is required. 


Type KBET or GKPSL in the SEARCH WINDOW at the top of this page to find the correct Knee Button for your wheelchair.