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Gel Ovations

Calf Support SPLIT GEL Panel w/ Positioning Strap

Calf Support SPLIT GEL Panel w/ Positioning Strap

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Gel Ovations™ Gel Split Calf Panel always excites therapists and dealer reps when viewed for the first time. Calf panels work really well for clients when in place, and gel, which aids in healing and is the ultimate in COMFORT and PROTECTION is a big improvement. Their reaction demonstrates the problems they solve. The first one that grabs attention is the clips that when released separate the 2 halves.  This means they stay attached to the leg rest, and swing away allowing clients to stand and transfer. No need to undo the Velcro straps on the side as on other calf panels, meaning they don’t ‘vaporize’ – disappearing into thin air making them no longer useful. Next they recognize the quality of construction from the material (Neoprene / Nylon), the 3rd strap on each side to keep them from slipping down, and the ‘gel sewn in 3 strips instead of 1’ to keep it from slipping down. All this combines to create a ‘complete solution’ meeting the client and caregiver needs. GHSP2 GHS2 GHSB2 GHSBX2


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