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Gel Ovations

Gel - Leg Strap - 55" Long

Gel - Leg Strap - 55" Long

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This 55"GEL Leg Strap has 2 nylon D rings with Velcro closure and choice of size of GEL pad within the strap.

Gel Ovations leg straps have two major advantages for you and your clients:

1) the protective GEL makes them much more comfortable and less likely to cause problems from pressure arising from tone AND

2) they are really easy to position and reposition, as often as you (or the client) need, quickly and without tools. Gel is 1/2"thick; D rings are made from nylon; cover is nylon knit.

Select GLS based on GEL size. GEL should fit back of legs and continue partially on sides of legs. After positioning the belt where you want it along the legs, check that the gel portion is centered. Slip the D ring at the Velcro end thru the other D ring. Pull on the free D ring until tight enough. Then push down on the Velcro closure getting it set 'where you want it'. When you want it gone, reverse the process - it is that easy. When using below the knee, slip the D ring at the Velcro end thru the other D ring – and slide strap over feet and then re-adjust.

Surface washable or wash TOP RACK of dishwasher with HEAT turned off.

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